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Reminder for new online discussion process

September 18, 2017

Dear ZRA Members,

This communication serves as a reminder for our new online discussion process via HootBoard and upcoming electronic voting. This new discussion platform replaces the in-person discussion previously held during the Annual Business Meeting. If you have questions or comments regarding the articles for amendment, please make sure you comment on the HootBoard post relevant to the article. The discussion period will close on 2 October 2017, at which point, voting will open for eligible members.

All discussion regarding these amendments must remain “on topic” or will be deleted by the moderators, so please make sure all comments are appropriate and “on topic”. Each of the Articles will have its own discussion board post on HootBoard and all “discussion” must be in the form of a comment on that post. All amendments will be tagged with the category #bylaws-amendment and can be filtered from any other posts by searching this tag. The discussion boards will remain available to all members for thirty (30) days. After that time, the boards will be closed and voting members will be sent a link to vote via Survey Monkey. Voting will be open to eligible members for a designated time period as determined by the Board of Directors.

The documents in their entirety, which includes the justification or reason for the amendment, are posted on the ZRA website under Governance, Documents for Annual Business Meeting, as well as in each Article post on HootBoard. You must first be logged in as a member to view these documents in both the ZRA website and HootBoard. The Bylaws Committee strongly suggests the membership view these online documents and discussions prior to the voting period.

If you encounter any issues with HootBoard, please contact Mary Noell, Barbara Outerbridge or me and we will try to help you.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Mattox
Chairman, Bylaws Committee
Registrar, Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment

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