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Contact List

General Contact

Deanna Snell
Calgary Zoo
Phone: 403-232-9327
Fax: 403-237-7582

Membership Contact

Stephanie Eller
Philadelphia Zoo
Phone: 215-243-5216
Fax: 215-243-5385

Professional Development Contacts

Peter Grimm, Chair
Oregon Zoo
Phone: 503-220-5766
Fax: 503-226-0074

Ashley Arimborgo, Vice Chair
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Phone: 7194247818
Fax: 7196332254

Rae Lynn Haliday, Vice Chair
Saint Louis Zoo
Phone: 314-646-4572
Fax: 314-647-7969

Web Site Contact

Jennifer Page
BREC Baton Rouge Zoo
Phone: 225-775-3877
Fax: 225-775-3931