You are visiting the official web site of the Zoological Registrars Association (ZRA). ZRA is a not-for-profit association organized and dedicated to the enhancement of zoos and aquariums through leadership, professional development, training, standardization and service to its members. Registrars provide oversight for the animal record keeping function, records management, animal shipping, wildlife permit procurement and related reporting requirements and legal compliance.

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Call for Committees

November 04, 2018

Attention all ZRA Members!  ***SECOND CALL!***


Committees are where the REAL action of the Association happens. We are looking for members to take an active interest in their Association, and to put their knowledge, experiences, and passion to good use! Become more involved in ZRA and help us to develop into a better, more professional, more resourceful organization. Remember that all members in good standing may serve on a Committee (or Committees!)


Thank you to everyone who has stepped up already, but some of our Committees are still in need of volunteers!  Most urgently:


  • Strategic Planning – are you good at seeing the big picture? Would you like to help steer the Association into the future?  This committee is vital in setting long-range plans and goals…but it is almost empty!  (Chair: Emily Mattox, Point Defiance Zoo)


  • External Relations – this new committee, which might be renamed, will focus on reaching out to related organizations, foreign and domestic.  The exact mission and role of the committee is still in flux, so it could use some creative members, particularly those who are interested in strengthening connections with groups outside of the U.S. (Chair: not sure yet?)


  • Marketing and PR serves as ZRA’s “outreach.” Committee members work on ways to spread the word about ZRA and our programs (like the new training program!).  This committee needs creative, welcoming folks to help design marketing documents and to increase our membership.  (Chair: Lori Augustoni, Zoo Atlanta)


  • History coordinates and documents historical events and the professional evolution of ZRA and manages its archives. This committee may also be in flux, depending on how many members have archival/historic projects they are interested in engaging in.  (Chair: Aletha Kinser, Sedgwick County Zoo)


  • Newsletter writes and designs the ZRA quarterly newsletter, For the Record.  This is a fun committee that is in need of some creative people. (Chair: Deanna Snell, Calgary Zoo)



If you are interested in serving in a Committee(s) as a member or as a leader, please contact Stephanie Eller (eller.stephanie@phillyzoo.org) to sign up by 15 November 2018.





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