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The 2022 Membership Renewal Period is now open! 

November 01, 2021


November 01, 2021

Remember to renew before 1 February 2022 to avoid a late fee. Late fees are $10 after 1 February and $20 after 1 March. After 1 April, if you have not renewed and paid dues, including accrued late fees, you will be removed from membership. At that point, you will have to reapply following the first-time applicant procedure (including provision of a reference letter for professional members) and will owe a $20 reinstatement fee.

Once your renewal payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt via email. If your payment has not been received, you will receive renewal reminders on the first of each month December through March. If you receive a reminder, this means your payment has not been received and you are at risk of incurring late fees.

Let’s make it our goal to achieve 100% on-time renewal for 2022!


Matt Seguin Chairman, Membership Services Committee