To enhance the value of zoos and aquariums through leadership, professional development, standardization and service to its members.


ZRA will inspire registrars to develop their careers to full potential by providing opportunities for professional enrichment, growth and development.

ZRA will provide training and continuing education opportunities to ensure registrars have the skills to meet changing business needs.

ZRA will provide leadership in the development and use of the highest standards achievable in managing animal transactions and the records and information that support them.

ZRA will take a leadership role in animal transport, legislation and legal compliance.

ZRA will continue to expand its network of professional partnerships within the zoo and aquarium industry and with associations that provide related services.


Integrity - our members emulate the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our interactions, management of animal transactions and records and information.

Accuracy - our members strive for the highest standards of quality achievable.

Respect - our members treat both people and animals with the utmost respect.