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ZRA Membership Renewal Reminder

March 1, 2015

Dear ZRA Member,

This notice is your 1 March reminder to renew your 2015 ZRA membership. If you are receiving this email, it means your membership renewal is not complete. If you received an emailed receipt for your 2015 dues from the Treasurer, please let me know that you received this message.

Please note that your membership is not considered renewed until payment is received by the ZRA Treasurer. If you have not received a receipt from the Treasurer, she has not received your dues.

Since your dues were not received by the Treasurer before March 1, you now owe an additional $10.00 late fee for a total late fee of $20.00. If you are a professional member, you dues are now $55.00. If you are an associate member, your dues are now $50.00.

It is your responsibility to verify the status of your payment with your finance office to ensure that it has been.

Very Important Reminder: If your dues have not been received by the Treasurer before 1 April, you will be removed from membership, and will have to reapply following the first time application procedure and will owe a $20.00 reinstatement fee.

Please click on the following link, www.zooregistrars.org, to renew and continue receiving all of the great benefits associated with your ZRA membership.


Beth Bahner
Chairman, Membership Services Committee

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